Stand on Your Own

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Claudia has been a donor for 10 years. She went to see what work was done at Stand on Your Own and how the money was spent.

Primary Donor

Uganda Lodge

ULCP raises £80,000 a year which goes out to Stand on Your Own and other development projects in Ruhanga.

Donors of the McNeil Medical Centre

ASE Consulting

The McNeil Medical Centre cost £50,000 to build and fund for 5 years. This money came as a donation from a UK company ASE consulting as a goodbye to a retiring Director (Duncan McNeil). In 2018 ASE were 'taken over' and we were not part of the deal Mr. McNeal has given us financial help recently but not enough to fund salaries and drugs as before.

Daviot and Old Meldrum Explorer Scouts

They raised enough money to build dormitories on top of the McNiel Medical Centre in 2020

Donors To the School

Daviot and Old Meldrum Explorer Scouts

Daviot and Old Meldrum Explorer Scouts visited Uganda Lodge in 2018 and raised a large enough sum to build the school hall which is 90ft x 45ft.

Spend a Penny Build a Loo (The Dinner Party Project)

This was a fundraiser created by and English lady called Joanna to build a loo because 250 girls shared 3 latrines resulting in diseases sometimes. A Facebook link to it is here:

Local Projects for Financial Independence

Lake Retreats and Safaris

Safaris to the two lake regions which are can be booked here are Lake retreat Kisenya and Lake retreat Kasenyi can be booked on these two links: Edward Lake Retreat and Kisenya Campsite Kasenyi Lake Retreat

These are owned by Stand on Your Own and profits go back into supporting the school.

Another project run by stand on your own that brings in Money is the collection of cottages also called Uganda Lodge can be booked here:

Uganda Lodge (Guest House, Booking)

Denis’s Projects

These include Gorilla Trecking, Chimp Habituation, i.e. getting them used to human contact and Safaris in Queen Elizabeth National Park. Profits from this go into funding the School and Medical centre.

Volunteers and Medical Electives

Those wishing to volunteer and those wishing to complete their medical elective abroad can book a stay at Uganda Lodge and this helps fund the school and medical centre.

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